SSC English First Paper Short Suggestion 2020 PDF Download|এস এস সি ইংরেজি ১ম পত্র শর্ট সাজেশন ২০২০

SSC English 1st Paper Question & Suggestion for 2020 All Education Board BD

এস এস সি ইংরেজি ১ম পত্র শর্ট সাজেশন ২০২০ পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড করে প্রিন্ট করে নিন

Ques. No.-1 & 2 :

English First Paper Seen Comprehension-1 Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. Meherjan lives in a.
  2. Humans can neither.
  3. `Heritage’ is what we.
  4. Countries of the world
  5. May Day or internet
  6. 26 March, ours.
  7. The advantages of the.
  8. Zahir Raihan was one.
  9. 21 February
  10. The internet technology.
  11. Can you think of a.
  12. Mother Teresa was.

Ques. No.- 3 :

English First Paper Seen Comprehension-2 Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. A responsibility is a.
  2. Bassanio hastily.
  3. Pritilata was born in.
  4. Fish population is in.
  5. Today there are many.
  6. Countries of the world.

SSC সকল বিষয়ের MCQ সাজেশন ডাউনলোড করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

Ques. No. 4-5 :

English First Paper Unseen Comprehension Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. Rabindranath Tagore.
  2. Munshi Abdur Rouf .
  3. Stephen Hawking is.
  4. B. Shelley was born.
  5. Chirles Babbage was.
  6. Neil Armstrong was.
  7. APJ Abdul Kalam was.
  8. Humayun was the.
  9. In 1912, an American.
  10. John Milton was one.
  11. Sher-e-Bangla is one.
  12. The Rohingya people.
  13. Alexander Fleming.

Ques. No : 6 Matching Sentences Suggestion for 2020 All Board

2015, 2016, 2017 সালের টেবিল গুলো বোর্ডের প্রশ্ন থেকে কিছু দেখে নিলেই হবে।

Ques. No. 7 : Rearranging Sentences Suggestion for 2020 All Board               2015, 2016, 2017 সালের সকল বোর্ডের প্রশ্ন গুলো ভাল করে রিভিশন দিয়ে নাও।

Ques. No. 8 : ‍SSC Paragraph Writing Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. Our national flag.
  2. A School Magazine
  3. Tree Plantation.
  4. A Winter Morning
  5. Traffic Jam.
  6. A Street Hawker.
  7. Environment Pollution.
  8. A Rainy Day.
  9. Dengue Fever.
  10. Load shedding
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৫ টি ইংরেজী Paragraph শিখে লিখুন ১৩০+ টি প্যারাগ্রাফ লেখার নিয়ম পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড| Shortcut Paragraph Writing Technique PDF Download

   Ques. No. 9 : SSC Completing a Story Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. A witty crow.
  2. An honest woodcutter and the beautiful fairy.
  3. King Midas/A greedy.
  4. Who will Bell the Cat?
  5. Bayazid’s love for his mother.
  6. A lion and mouse.
  7. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  8. An old farmer and his four soon.
  9. Slow & steady wins the race.
  10. Unity is strength.

Ques. No. 10 : Describing Graphs / Charts Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. Literacy rate in Bangladesh.
  2. Internet users in towns and villages.
  3. Number of telephone and mobile phone users.
  4. Selling rate of book, in Ekushe Boi mela.
  5. Child marriage rate of Bangladesh.
  6. The number of people living below the poverty line.
  7. Export sectors in Bangladesh.
  8. Choice of profession different educated people.
  9. People’s trends towards favorite pastimes.
  10. The passing rate of different subjects.

SSC/HSC পরিক্ষার Graph/Chart লিখার শর্টকাট নিয়ম , একটি শিখে লিখুন যত খুশি তত

Ques. No. 11 : Writing informal Letters / E-mails Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. About my intention after SSC Exam.
  2. About how to improve English.
  3. My condolence the at friend’s father’s death.
  4. Describing the importance of reading newspaper.
  5. Thanking friend for sending birthday present/his hospitality
  6. About my preparation for SSC exam.
  7. Congratulating friend on her success.
  8. The annual prize giving ceremony of our school.

Ques. No. 12 : Writing Dialogues Suggestion for 2020 All Board

  1. About our aim in life.
  2. The uses and abuses of internet.
  3. About uses and abuses of Facebook.
  4. About the importance of learning computer.
  5. About the merits and demerits of mobile phone.
  6. Importance of reading newspaper.
  7. Preparation for the coming SSC examination.
  8. Necessity of tree plantation.
  9. The remedial measures of dengue fever.
  10. The causes and solutions of road accident.
আরো পড়ুন:  ২২ জুন ২০১৮ তারিখের প্রাইমারী সহকারী লাইব্রেরিয়ান কাম ক্যাটালগার এবং উচ্চমান সহকারী কাম হিসাবরক্ষক নিয়োগ পরীক্ষা প্রশ্ন সমাধান পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড

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